WILLIAM T. SMITH  (1916-   )

In 1955, a Federal Subsidy Program was introduced and a run-in with this program, limiting farm corn acreage paved the road for William T. Smith to become a N.Y. State Senator for the 49th & 52nd District, serving from 1962-1986, he having taken the $6,712.00 paid him for not planting corn, and buying a Cadillac, attaching a sign thereon thanking JFK, and the taxpayers for their generosity. He again was paid $5,000 for not growing corn in 1970 but donated the money to his alma mater, the State College of Agriculture at Cornell.  He served on Presidential Commission on Drunk Driving, and SAAD. Developed, STOP DWI program. In 1983 received outstanding Legislator of the year Award. Chairman of Senate Task force to investigate the lack of disaster warnings in the Floods of a 1972 and 1975.