Steuben County Manager

Chris Brewer, Deputy County Manager
Jack Wheeler, County Manager
Telephone (607) 664-2245
Fax (607) 664-2282
3 East Pulteney Square
Bath, NY 14810
Chris Brewer, Deputy County Manager
Telephone (607) 664-2244
Fax (607) 664-2282
3 East Pulteney Square
Bath, NY 14810


The position of County Manager was created in 2013 with the adoption of the Steuben County Charter. The County Manager position replaced the County Administrator, which was created in 1984 to assist in the day-to-day administration of County Government. The Manager, who is appointed by the County Legislature, serves as Chief Executive Officer of the County and acts on behalf of the Legislature for the administration of daily activities. These tasks include implementing County policy, overseeing the operations of all County Departments, and acting as the official and sole liaison between the County department heads and the County Legislature. The Manager works with all Standing Committees of the Legislature to coordinate and oversee the implementation of all Committee directives, works in conjunction with the Clerk of the Legislature and the County Attorney to develop the monthly Legislative agenda, and serves as Budget Officer for the County.

The County Manager performs research tasks as assigned by the Legislature and submits recommendations regarding any modifications needed for more efficient governmental operations and serves as chief advisor to the Legislature in the development, implementation and ongoing modification of policies and procedures.

Enforcement and implementation of all local laws, legalizing acts, ordinances and resolutions adopted by the Legislature, as well as all general and special laws which affect the operation of County Government, is also carried out by the County Manager.

In conjunction with the Chairman of the County Legislature, the County Manager represents the Legislature in contacts with political subdivisions, State and Federal officials, and other agencies.

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