Social Services

Kathryn A. Muller, Commissioner

Telephone (607) 664-2000

Child Support Customer Service


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Social Services is to improve the quality of life in Steuben County, to help people help themselves, to help those incapable of acting on their own behalf, and to insure that everyone has a minimum standard of living; to do so by means of a broad range of ameliorative, protective and preventive social and financial services.  The establishment of fair, humane, and sensible policies provides the framework for the delivery of these services by our Department. 


  • SNAP:                                                         
  • NYS OTDA:                                                
  • Medicaid:                                                    
  • HEAP:                                                                   Apply at
  • NYS Child Support Enforcement:               
  • CSE Steuben County:                                
  • 1.888.208.4485 – NYS Child Support Customer Service Helpline
  • NYS OCFS:                                                 
  • Child Abuse/Neglect 24 Hour State Hotline:  Toll free dial '1' & then...  800-342-3720
Department of Social Services
Main Switchboard 607-664-2000
Direct Inward Dial Numbers  
Child Protective Services Bath/Hornell 607-664-2034
Child Protective Services Corning 607-664-2021
Preventive Services Bath/Hornell 607-664-2191
Preventive Services Corning 607-664-2112
Foster Care/Adoption Bath/Hornell 607-664-2250
Foster Care/Adoption Corning 607-664-2044
Home Care 607-664-2059
Adult Protective & Preventive Services 607-664-2059
Child Support Enforcement Helpline 1-888-208-4485
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