FAQ: Taxes

When will I receive my Town/County tax bill? 

Tax bills are mailed in January. If you do not receive a bill, contact your town tax collector.

When are property taxes due?

County and town taxes are paid to the town tax collector until March 31. No penalty if paid by January 31.

When will I receive my school tax bill? 

Depends on your school district.
Central schools districts send out bills September.
Corning / Hornell City school districts send bills October.

When are school taxes due?

Central School districts are due October 31.
Corning City School taxes are due March 31 - payable in 2 installments.
Hornell City School taxes due by December 31.

When are my village tax bills sent out?

South Corning & Hammondsport -March 1.
All other villages - June 1.

When are my village taxes due?

Payable to village tax collector by October 31.

When are the City of Corning tax bills sent?

July 1

When are the City of Hornell tax bills sent? 

May 1

 How and where do I pay property taxes?

Current taxes are payable to Cities&Towns, School  Districts,and Villages 
Delinquent taxes are payable to the Steuben County Finance Office.  The most current year taxes due must be paid before any prior year taxes can be paid.

For more information contact: (607) 664-2488.

Can I pay my current property taxes in installments?

Corning City School taxes may be paid in two installments.

Can I pay my current taxes online?

Please check with your local tax collector.

What happens if I don’t pay my taxes?

Steuben County has the option of foreclosing on your property.

Can I pay my delinquent taxes online?

        Yes. Click here for Online Payments.

Is there any way for me to pay my delinquent taxes on an installment plan?

Yes, you may set up an installment plan for delinquent taxes at the Steuben County Finance Office.  You will need a minimum of 10 % down payment. The term can be up to 24 months. You must keep current taxes paid or your installment contract will be in default.

Am I eligible for the STAR Program?

The STAR program applies only to your school taxes.
File an application with your local assessor by March 1, except in Hornell City by January 1.
Basic Exemption
– you must file one time if you own your home and it is your primary residence.
Enhanced Exemption
– you must file annually if your are age 65 and your income is less than $60,000.

If there is an error on my tax bill, whom should I contact?

Please notify your assessor immediately

Why do I have to pay school tax?  I have no children in school.

You may not have a child in school, but if you own property you contribute to the funding of education. Federal and State law mandates (requires) public educational programs. Since Federal and State dollars are insufficient to meet total costs, school districts depend on real property taxes. Additionally, County tax dollars partially fund Community Colleges and programs for special-needs children.

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