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Civil Division

Corporal Sheriff Matt Sorge Patty George Jessie Veley
Deputy Sheriff-Sergeant Matt Sorge Patty George, Civil Clerk Jessie Matejka, Acct Clerk Typist

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division responsibilities include the processing of all summonses, subpoenas, request for levies, income and property executions and warrants of eviction that are assigned or requested through the Sheriff’s Office.   The majority of these requests for services are then assigned to the Road Patrol Division for completion.  The Civil Office handles approximately two million dollars per year in funds collected, which is then distributed to individuals or attorneys representing their clients. Fees collected for providing these services generate revenue for the Steuben County’s General Fund, which assists in reducing the tax levy on the citizens of Steuben County. The Civil Office also receives and processes all Civil Arrest Warrants and Orders of Protections issued from any Family Court across New York State, but primarily issued out of Steuben County Family Court. 

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division also is responsible for the seizure of tangible property and once seized this property is auctioned off at a date to be announced for sale to the highest bidder.   These auctions are publically posted or published in advance and can also be found on the attached link on the Steuben County website.  

The Civil Division is staffed by a Road Patrol Sergeant and (2) Civilian Account Clerk Typists.    The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division was accredited by New York State in 2008 and reaccredited in 2016.    

The outline of the Civil Office activity for 2016 is outlined below:


Total Monies Received:                                         $ 2,219,182.20

Monies Paid out to Creditors:                               $ 2,036,543.71

Fees Paid to Treasurer:                                            $ 182,638.49

Civil Poundage               103,247.40               Civil Fees (Filing Fees, Mileage)               79,391.09

Civil Papers Served:               (Number Amount)

Summons                                                        944

Warrants of Evictions                                     180

Family Court                                                     388

Misc Documents                                              327

Income Executions                                          855

Property Executions                                         16

Total:                                                               2,710

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division was accredited by New York State in 2008, reaccredited in 2016 and is currently undergoing the New York State Reaccreditation Process for 2019.    

The Civil Office is located in the Public Safety Building at 7007 Rumsey Street Ext., Bath, NY.

Mailing address: Steuben County Sheriff’s Office

                              7007 Rumsey St. Ext., Bath, New York 14810

Business Hours: Monday Through Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM effective May 1, 2015.

Phone: 800-724-7777 or 607-622-3902

Fax: 607-776-5987

Reply email: