Suspicious Activity Patrols (SAP)

Suspicious Activity Patrols (SAP's) are initiated upon report of suspected criminal activity. SAP's may be reported by citizens, confidential informants, other police agencies, or any member of the Sheriffs Office. Similar to ITP's, SAP's will result in specific, police response from road patrol personnel. Upon receipt, Dispatch will be advised and a CR number assigned. Unlike an ITP, a specific road patrol member will be assigned each SAP, and will be responsible for it's completion. This is not to be construed as to prevent the assigned member from enlisting aid from any other member of the Sheriff s Office.

Upon receipt of a SAP, the assigned road patrol member shall immediately coordinate our response with CIU members. After ensuring no CIU case is currently being conducted on the residence or subject, the assigned member will make an effort to personally interview the complainant. Once specific information is obtained as to suspects, crimes,

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