For Partner Agencies

"We are very thankful for the RSVP volunteers who participate on our teams.  They are all very dedicated.  The help of volunteers enables us to look at community needs and where we can make the most impact.  They have participated in focus groups and helped with investment decisions.  We can't say enough wonderful things about them."
-United Way of the Southern Tier

Welcome! Did you know that you are one of the approximately 140 not-for-profit partner agencies in Steuben county that have joined with RSVP to offer volunteer opportunities to active older adults in the region?  We applaud the contribution your agency or organization is making to the community and look forward to assisting you in providing services to the community with RSVP volunteers.

It may be helpful to explain how we match volunteers with a partner agency.  Community members are eligible to join RSVP at the age of 55, so some of our volunteers are not “retired”.  New RSVP members are asked to fill out an application which includes a “volunteer interest form” which lists their skills and interest areas.  This helps to identify the volunteer’s goals and interests and gives us the information we need to provide you and our volunteer with the best possible match.

We have provided some useful information and forms at left which may assist you in the management of your volunteers

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