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RSVP has been working hard to provide our volunteers with assignments that meet critical needs in the community, can provide meaningful and fulfilling service, and will fit into our volunteer’s busy schedules. We would like to highlight the opportunities where you can help meet the greatest needs.

Home Delivered Meals: Ensuring that our communities’ homebound seniors have proper nutrition is a growing concern. Many times, the meal delivery is the only chance they have to see another person.

Transportation Assistance: Not being able to drive makes it difficult to get to the doctor’s office, the pharmacy or the grocery store. RSVP works with several agencies offering transportation assistance – from giving a person a ride to helping them learn local busing schedules. 

Companionship: Loneliness is a primary contributor to a person’s decline in overall health, but kindness is the cure! Companionship can be offered in a variety of ways; a phone call, a visit, picking up a person’s groceries, going out for coffee, or doing a little housekeeping will make a homebound senior or person with disabilities feel connected and nurtured.

Education: Without a good education, the chances of a child succeeding in the future are blocked. RSVP works with schools and libraries to develop programs that give pre-school and school aged children the tools they need to succeed.

Feeding the Hungry: In Steuben County, RSVP volunteers serve nearly 10,000 hours a year with food pantries. RSVP is also working on opportunities for volunteers to help ensure our kids receive nutritious meals during the summer, too.

Keeping Active: A great way to stay healthy is to keep moving! Staying active increases strength and balance, and contributes to avoiding falls. RSVP volunteers help provide programs to older adults and the community that encourage people to stay active.

Supporting Veterans and Military Families: You can show your appreciation to our Military Personnel and their families in a variety of ways with RSVP. Assembling and giving out comfort kits for hospitalized veterans, reaching out to newly enlisted Service Member’s families, and helping out at Military Reconnection Brunches are only a few ways you can thank our Service Personnel through RSVP.

Disaster Services: RSVP volunteers play important roles in preparing for and responding to emergencies throughout Steuben County. Believing in the “ounce of prevention,” RSVP volunteers also help educate individuals and communities to prepare for emergencies.

Contact RSVP at 607-664-2298 or to find out more about these and the many other ways you can make a difference in your community.

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