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5/21/14- Senior Corps Week: Steuben RSVP visits pantry amid fears of funding cuts

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Recognition Event, 12/11/2013

Demonstrating the community impact of the Corning Community Food Pantry to elected officials.
RSVP Volunteers at the Corning Community Food Pantry break down boxes after unloading 2 ½ tons
of food delivered by the Food Bank of the Southern Tier.  The Corning Community Food Pantry is the
largest food pantry in Steuben County, serving more than 26,000 individuals in 2013.  On this particular
work day, the Corning Community Food Pantry hosted a “Work and Learn Day” to demonstrate the
impact they have on the community for local, state and federal elected officials and their representing
aides.  These invited guest worked along side RSVP Volunteers to learn first-hand how the food pantry
operates and affects the lives of the individuals they serve. Attending the event were Mayor Negri of the
City of Corning and Ms. Robin Lattimer of the Steuben County Legislature, as well as representatives
from the offices of Senator Gillibrand, Congressman Reed, Senator O’Mara and Assemblyman


City of Corning Mayor, Rich Negri, speaks with Beth Wasson, Executive Director of the Corning
Community Food Pantry and RSVP Volunteer, about community needs being provided by the
Corning Community Food Pantry and its sponsoring partner, Catholic Charities.  Steuben County
RSVP Volunteers assist with both agencies, and Mrs. Wasson expressed how she couldn’t get
along without RSVP.

During Senior Corps Week, 2014, Steuben County RSVP showcased the impact that food pantries
make in our communities.  In 2013,114,137 adults, children and elderly individuals received assistance
from 20 local food pantries in Steuben County.  Each food pantry is as unique as the communities
that they serve, and the volunteers at each are dedicated to the goal of relieving hunger in a
compassionate and dignified manner. Steuben County RSVP is proud to be a part of this effort,
recruiting, recognizing the efforts of volunteers, and documenting volunteer impact on the communities
that they serve.  



Representing NYS Senator Tom O’Mara’s office, Ms. Sharon Moore helps stock food items on the
bakery goods shelves. 

Caring for their community, one family at a time.


Steuben County RSVP and the Steuben County Office for the Aging traveled to see first-hand the
impact the Pantry of Angels makes in the community that they serve.  This small, rural pantry,
operated out of the Presho United Methodist Church, lacks the storage facilities for food stock. 
Supplies are kept in the main hall of the church, and relocated by volunteers during church
functions.  The Pantry of Angels has limited cold storage facilities as well, so most items
requiring refridgeration are picked up by Pantry of Angel volunteers from the Food Bank of the
Southern Tier and transported back to the pantry just before they are distributed.  Despite the
logistical difficulties, the RSVP Volunteers at the Pantry of Angles served 7,375 indivuduals in 2013.

Steuben County Office for the Aging Director, Patty Baroody (pictured second in from the right), assists
RSVP Volunteers at the Pantry of Angels as they pack boxes for home delivery.  The Pantry of Angels
delivers to more than 30 different households because they are either elderly or disabled shut-ins, are
working during pantry hours but still need assistance, or simply lack resources to travel to the food
pantry for themselves.  The RSVP Volunteers at this pantry are neighbors with their clients, and show
compassion and respect as they give back to their community by lending others a hand through hard

This food pantry’s service to its community was recognized by the Food Bank of the Southern Tier
as the Pantry of Angels was named  “Agency of the Year” at the 2014 Agency Conference.  The
help they provide to others in need is a source of pride for the community they serve.


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