Installment Contracts

When entering into new contract:

Please bring a copy of a tax bill for the parcel you want to put on an installment
Down payment – minimum 10 %
Term – can be up to 24 months

During the installment contract:


  1. All payments are due the last day of the month.
  1. When making payments:
  • return your payment stub
  • make check payable to Steuben County Commissioner of Finance
  • write the parcel number on the check
  • the County will send a receipt for each payment made
  1. A 5% charge will be added to any payment that is 15 days overdue.
  1. Your last payment stub shows no amount due… You MUST CALL this office for the final amount due.
  1. Your contract will be defaulted if:
  • Any payment is 30 days overdue
  • Any current property tax due is returned to the County by the local collector (Town & County, School, City, or Village) as unpaid
  1. All new taxes levied during the length of the contract must be paid to the local collector.
Type of Tax Local Collection Period

Town and County

January 1st to March 31

Central Schools
City School (Corning)
City School (Hornell)
September 1st to October 31st
October 1st to March 31st
October 31st to December 31st

Village (Hammondsport)
Village (ALL OTHER)
March 1st to October 31st
June 1st to October 31st

City (Corning)
City (Hornell)
July 1st to March 31st
May 1st to January 31st

  1. If you have multiple properties under contract: Default on one contract and you default on ALL.
  1. If you default,
  • The installment option (contract) will be cancelled.
  • Only full payments will be accepted based on tax year. Most recent year must be paid first.
  • You can not do a new contract on any property for three years.

To view a sample installment contract – click here

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