Frequently Asked Questions

Callers frequently contact our office with these questions. Here are some of the answers to questions our callers have asked:

1.Where can students who are pursuing education in public health find scholorships?

A comprehensive database of all scholarships has been compiled for MPH students along with curated scholarships for graduate students in the public health field: 

This database is a great way for students to find extra funding and minimize the cost of their degree.

2.How I find out more about the Ebola Virus(EVD)?

Call NYS Information line at:1-800-861-2280

3.How do I apply for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act?

Please go to the NY State of Health website ( and click on the get started button to begin.

4. Bed Bugs and cockroaches

Please go to the NYS DOH website for information.

5. No water available for mobile home

Please call the Hornell District Office for help in dealing with this environmental issue.

Hornell District (B0638) serving Schuyler & Steuben
107 Broadway, Room 105, Hornell 14843-0430
(607) 324-8371 / (607) 324-5121

6. Unsanitary restaurants

Please call the Hornell District Office for help in dealing with this environmental issue.

Hornell District (B0638) serving Schuyler & Steuben
107 Broadway, Room 105, Hornell 14843-0430
(607) 324-8371 / (607) 324-5121

7. Water Testing

A Commercial Laboratory is a laboratory which performs fee for service analysis. It accepts samples from the public. Such a laboratory may be certified in one or more categories of accreditation.

    SAVONA NY 14879
    MR. PHILLIP M. COGSWELL (607) 583 -4332
    Approved for the following categories:
    Non Potable Water  &  Potable Water

    16 N MAIN ST
    , WAYLAND NY 14572
    MS. CHARLENE BOWEN (585) 728 -33204332
    Approved for the following categories:
    Non Potable Water  &   Potable Water

8. Medical transport to MD

    6666 County Road 11

    Bath, NY 14810

    Dial 211

    Toll Free: (800) 346-2211

    Site Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30 pm.

    Description: Provides transportation to the elderly, disabled and those in need to non-emergency medical appointments, pharmacies, grocery stores, food pantries, or one-time trip to human service agencies. Regular assistance is not available for recurring treatments such as dialysis or physical therapy, but occasional or short term help may be available.

  • STEUBEN COUNTY OFFICE FOR THE AGING (SCOFA)3 E Pulteney Square, Bath, NY 14810
    Main: (607) 664-2298
    Site Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5 pm.
    Description: Provides non-emergency transportation to medical appointments.
    Eligibility: Must be 60 or older and reside in Avoca, Bath, Bradford, Hammondsport, Pulteney, Prattsburgh, Savona, or Wayne. (The town of Pulteney also includes parts of Zip Code 14418) Intake Procedure: Call for information.

9. Tourist/visitor seeking out of area medical care

Please visit our link for hospitals and urgent care centers.
Click on the link for walk-in care centers.

10. Meals on Wheels

Steuben County Senior Nutrition Program
Program Contact: Pro Action Senior Nutrition Office (607) 776-4310

“As we age, proper nutrition can be an important line of defense against illness. But preparing nutritious meals can become challenging for some people. Pro Action's Senior Nutrition programs offer two great solutions for residents in Steuben and Yates over age 60. For those who are limited in their ability to get out of the house, the home-delivered meals option provides up to two nutritious meals per day, right to your door. For those who can get out and about and wish to socialize with peers, meals are served on weekdays at congregate meal sites in each county. Each meal provides 1/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowances of important nutrients.”

11. Lifeline

LIFELINE Emergency Response System: St. James Mercy Health (based in Hornell) provides a telephone-based emergency response system called LIFELINE. This system links an individual at home to 24-hour a day, seven days a week emergency assistance. LIFELINE is an emergency telephone communication system for those who are elderly, medically frail or who live alone. With the push of a button, help is available 24 hours a day.

The LIFELINE system consists of a home communicator unit attached to the subscriber’s telephone and a personal call button worn by the subscriber. In the event of an emergency, the subscriber pushes their personal call button. This activates an Emergency Response Center trained emergency attendant who assesses the subscriber's needs. If necessary, the attendant will contact the appropriate responders designated by the subscriber.

The standard Lifeline service includes a choice of a pendant or wrist-style "Help Button." The enhanced Lifeline service includes a pendant-style button that automatically places a call for help if a fall is detected and the subscriber can’t push the button.

Proudly serving Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chemung, Steuben and Schuyler counties for more than 25 years.

For more information, phone (607) 324-8139 between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday

12. Black Mold

Please contact your local town clerk for the contact information for your code enforcement officer.

13. Mosquito breeding sites complaint

Please contact your local town clerk for the contact information for your code enforcement officer

14. Medical care but no insurance

    300 Nasser Civic Center Plaza
    , Suite 230, Corning, NY 14830
    Main: (607) 962-2032

    Site Hours: Tue-Fri, 10am-3 pm

    Description: Provides limited primary medical and dental care including physicals for work, school, and sports. Prescription assistance, including insulin supplies and additional medical supplies/equipment may be available, but must be a patient of HMST.

    Eligibility: Must not have health insurance. Must have a household income of 250% of poverty or less.

    Intake Procedure: Must call for an appointment. Appointments are available at times other than normal office hours.

15. Lab work needed but no insurance

See references above for Health Ministries of the Southern Tier

16. Retrieval of immunization files for adults

NYS DOH maintains an immunization registry (NYSIIS) that allows for adults to consent for retrieval of immunization information. Unfortunately, older adults may never have had their immunization information put into the registry and therefore, we may not be able to locate immunization records.

Steuben County Public Health has limited access to old immunization files; this process of archival record search is available only as time and workload allows.

17. Complaints about housing conditions

Please contact your local town clerk for the contact information for your code enforcement officer.

18. Birth/Death certificates; how to obtain?

Birth, death, and marriage records are collected and maintained at the local town level by the clerks of each respective town where the events occurred.

19. I have a tick on me, how do I remove it?

“First, let's state the obvious, ticks are tiny. Household tweezers just aren't the right tool for proper tick removal. As you can see in the image, there's a striking difference when compared to tick tweezers.

Adult stage deer ticks are approximately 3mm to 15mm in size. However, a nymphal stage deer tick is significantly smaller, about the size of a poppy seed.

The use of household tweezers increases the chances of tearing the tick during removal, especially Nymphs which are active from early April to early August.”

20. I have medical supplies/equipment that I want to donate. Who can I give them to?

There are several avenues to try: charitable organizations, homecare agencies, clinics and/or schools of nursing. When you call one of these numbers, be very specific about what you have….that will help the agency determine if they have a need. You might say “I have ten urinary catheters, size 14French” or “I have colostomy supplies” and then specify” or “my mother just passed away and I have two bottles of testing strips for an Accucheck glucometer.”

Homecare Agencies:

  • Gentiva in Corning: call (607) 962-0102
  • VNA in Bath: call (607) 622-6155

Charitable organizations:

  • Catholic Charities in Bath: (607) 776-8085
  • Interfaith Caregivers in Hornell: call (607) 324-1138
  • Health Ministries of the Southern Tier in Corning: call (607) 962-2032

Schools of Nursing

  • Corning Community College: call Eileen Heckman (607) 962-9241
  • BOCES: call Tim Driscoll at (607) 739-7905 

21. Where can I get a PRI/Screen done?

To enquire about a PRI/Screen, please call VNA/VNA Home Care Services of
Steuben County: (716) 630-8100.

Reply email: